Java File Manager for Linux

Changelog scytha 0.2.1:

    New features:

  • Multi-Rename tool
  • New file search utility
  • Automated detection of plugin jar on double click
  • Filter on copy & delete
  • Automated charset detection in TextViewer (based on jchardet -

  • + Bugfixes

    Changelog scytha 0.2.0:

        New features:

  • Online update: either at start (automatic, you can disable) or manually any time you want
  • Upgraded plugin system: the plugins have more flexibility and will be faster loaded
  • New "About" dialog :-)

  •     Bugfixes:
  • Confirm question works after deleting or renaming problem as well
  • System properties dialog opens faster
  • Better dialog layout for copy action
  • Help in HTML
  • ... and many small bugfixes, redesigned elements

  • Changelog scytha 0.1.0:

        New feature:

  • Terminal can be started in the toolbar

  •     Bugfixes:
  • Exception could be thrown if no rows was matched by selection
  • Exception could be thrown if no file was selected for the file viewer (F3)
  • User can switch from the command line to the file list with TAB
  • After renaming the file stays selected

  • Changelog scytha 0.1.0beta2:

        New features:

  • Internal textviewer allows to view files up to 2^63 bytes in text format.
  • Comparison of two files by their content.
  • Improved system properties dialog
  • Tool for search files and file contents
  • More detailed setting options in preferences

  •     Bugfixes:

  • script files are visible in the internal viewer as well
  • bugfix by copy
  • too large files caused problem to read owner, group, etc.
  • after search in the internal textviewer the text area lost the focus
  • many other little changes

  • Changelog scytha 0.1.0beta1:

  • Bugfix: Directory sorting problem solved (the first directory always is "..")
  • Bugfix: Better plugin handling
  • Bugfix: Saving preferences works well, for plugins too
  • Bugfix: Internal viewer shows the files in /proc directory
  • File table context menu changed
  • Better drag&drop functionality between tables
  • Select tables by mouse improved
  • New preference: file extensions could be showed in the filename column
  • New preference: color is chooseable for file types (block devices, char. devices, symlinks, etc.)

  • Changelog scytha 0.1.0alpha3:

  • New plugin type: Preference plugin
  • Plugin interface changed
  • Copy rewritten
  • Bugfixes

  • Changelog scytha 0.1.0alpha2:

  • New dialog: Change owner (F12)
  • Better functionality in permission dialog
  • Preference dialog's layout changed
  • Many bugfixes